people in America are seeking for one common thing: “feel the freedom” from almost everything, which can a job, a boyfriend, a payment or any other major problem as overweight and obesity. In this particular article, I will talk about weight loss, you and I know every year ordinary people New Year Resolution about join a fitness club and start working out than before February ended already quit. Observing this big issue in the American society, I think that I may write something  help my readers face this problem. In my deep thinking moment, then I remember how in my busy schedule I traditional sport to my shape back some I said I have share it with you guys may that can help. This all about a forgotten old sport that can keep you healthy, I am talking about walking a simple everyday activity that people do not remember today that a true sport, I mean not a simple field sport an Olympic Major Sport.

And this what you suppose do to your shape back and stay healthy by using a walk daily as your sporting exercise ritual, it’s simple and everybody can do it, it consists to  just out from your home, your sofa, your comfort zone and start walking out there for one or blocks in your neighborhood then ten blocks, upgrade one or more and finally it becomes a 45 minutes walking exercise period, regardless the distance you will walk and have fun when you doing it. I am telling you walking can the fun moment in your day because, if you are a mother or a father you can bring your kids with you, you can also do it as a couple in daily basis reconnection toward your for each other and the happiness by together.

Walking also social because between friends that can be a real happy hour friendship and joy without consuming any alcohol and that cost you no money you don’t have to buy any sportswear outfit, just an old t-shirt, a jogging suit you forgot in your closet plus your old pairs sneakers than you all set for a good walk. For people like me who like a peace mind moment retreat just for thinking and relax or someone like you who loves entrainment and be connected with your smartphones and social media, a walk the thing to do in both cases.

In the first one, you put a relaxing song on your smartphone put your earphones and walk and think redrawn your with the noise and the stress everyday reality 45 ecstasy minutes peace mind. In the second scenario the way to be in the spotlight by just go live on Facebook, Instagram, snapshot, or any social media you will choose. Go a post cast talk about your exercise activities, your city, your town, share pictures and video about your parks and beautiful street from your place before and after your walk you can feed your twitter stream page and viral on the Internet.

The bottom line there no excuses to say I can’t do sport because whatever reason you will pick to prove your inaction. Just go out there, in the park or in the street and walk to embrace your freedom by staying healthy and happy.

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