Facebook is a victim of Cambridge Analytica Scandal, before you start reading this article, let me tell you straight I not working for  Facebook company and I am not an affiliate either,   I am freelance blogger who is very grateful and honor to have an enormous opportunity  working  with a staff of volunteer behind this blog who are totally independent freelancers  and none them have the name on any big tech company payrolls.

That is the main reason I am free to offer you an open mind briefing about the Cambridge Analytica Scandal totally and certainly different from what you already know about the subject. My approach may not please you, and if that happened I am totally okay with the reaction you will express in the comment section of this page.

Nevertheless, I am sure you have a clear idea in your mind of the purpose of this article which is seeing the scandal from a different angle. So you already know I am not bailing out Facebook for is neglect attitude in this dossier, but I am pointing out an uncomfortable truth about big data practicing all over America in and the entire world.

Now you are aware that this article is a provocative one, don’t be shock by the content of this text, read it with an open mind and react the way you want in the comment section that you can make your voice heard the way you want it. So lets the controversy begins with passion and respect for each and another.

Facebook is big I mean gigantic, this company own so much data with an infinite potential that makes people jealous of this organization and generate a lot of hate from his competitor in the high-tech business but all also in the general finance world.

Molly Schweickert, Vice President Global Media from Cambridge Analytica on “How digital advertising worked for the US 2016 presidential campaign”. How they used Facebook user data and other sources to target specific users with individual messages for the 2016 Trump election campaign. She is Alexander Nix‘ digital marketing expert.

Face capacity is a money printer machine, that everyone wants to control. So when someone or a company attacking Facebook the enemies of my enemy is my friend theory is permanently applied, because they trying to take Facebook down and replace it in the marketplace.

But Facebook engineering business model is so innovative and so smart, the company adjusting himself so effectively and so quickly, that beating Facebook in the business game it’s for now impossible.  So the only way the competitors and Facebook haters or enemies have left in the hands is using a defamation campaign against the company to create a nebulous ugly reputation of the institution by weaponizing any details they can find to create fear in the mind of Facebook users, to motivate them to delete the own account.

Really that technique appears not working pretty well when a mistake like Cambridge Analytica Scandal happened. They use it to hurt Facebook and probably see online many people are talking about #delete your Facebook Account.  No matter if you delete or not your Facebook account your data is already out there, you will not get it back, and Big Data Tech-Company is using that information to make money over it. The hilarious part of the story your favorite goods or service provider are harvesting data from you every single minute to influence your behavior and making you buy more.

But it appears that a propaganda machine working hard to make the public believe that only Facebook has personal information about them that must be secure and regulating. Nobody told you if you are using a smart phone, a tablet or a computer today, there a thousand companies that watching you, your behavior to anticipate your action an influencing your decision as a consumer.

To understand what is happening today I  got to take you back to world war II era’s, where the entire community of scientists have idealized a concept based on: ” engineers must be the creators and leaders of the new world”.

Ever since scientists engaged in the battle of innovation to create a better world for the future generation that can live better, but this world vision in the shadow means that only engineers in scientists, intellectuals, and business people could understand, explain and lead it.

This movement effectively created a society where ordinary citizen become a consumer of products and services generate buy the social engineering system to maintain a status quo that requires sciences to innovate and re-engineering over and over non-stop.  The called it the modern society or the new world.

From this battleground, computer sciences engineering was born for two purposes: Solve automatization problems from mechanical and electrical process to create good and services more precisely.   Solve the problem of rapid calculation, storage of data and space management of the archive manipulation.

In the great adventure begun, computerized is becoming the new world order,  Silicon Valley became technologic innovation headquarter, where emerged such as  Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dell, Intel, AMD, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Sony and more.

Those tech company changed completely the world but they only at the time they solved only the automation part of the problem. Then came the Internet, followed by Encarta, Netscape, Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Alta Vista, Napster, AOL and more data storage inside the personal computer.

Computer technology at that phase starting embracing data storage problem era which gave birth to multimedia, data circulation on Internet, then appeared lotus mail, email, Internet search engine, yahoo, google, Wikipedia, Internet mediablogs, my space, Hi5, Tagged and more.

Young Mark Zuckerberg facing a social integration problem sized the opportunity launched Facebook from his Harvard University dormitory room on February 4, 2004 to became popular and generate more friends. Mark and some friends with college roommates and fellow Harvard students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes they create an algorithm to connect people face to face behind a blogging platform.

Facebook was born, and ever since this platform has in collating generated an amount of personal data from the users who get access to the platform for free, from Haward University to all Americans colleges and some other worldwide college community Facebook became common ground for socialization between friends in college communities, public open to the world. 

To understand Facebook you have to know who is Mark Zuckerberg the funder and CEO this company. The guy is a true idealist, he believes in a community where people stick together and help each other, that’s why he studied psychology and computer science, but he dropped out of Harvard in his sophomore year in order to complete his project grown his platform and pursue his ideal. But he never stops learning and studying human behavior and human react or not with technology.    

Because of his commitment, the Facebook project has grown rapidly and competitors want to buy the new company Mark, his friends and partners turned down offers after offers from major corporations, financial institutions, banks, and hedge funds companies. The biggest pockets of wall street and the financial world never forgive Facebook for that kind of rebellion. But I will come back on this later.

During an interview in 2007, Zuckerberg explained why he never sold Facebook in beginning, the reasoning: “It’s not because of the amount of money. For me and my colleagues, the most important thing is that we create an open information flow for people. Having media corporations owned by conglomerates is just not an attractive idea to me.”

Three years later in 2010, the Wired magazine interviewed Mark Zuckerberg  and he renewed his original idea: “The thing I really care about is the mission, making the world open.”  By that period of time, the Facebook platform has grown exponentially and on July 21, 2010, the company reached the 500 million-user mark. 

Facing financial needs Facebook, Inc. went public on May 18, 2012. With a peak market capitalization of over $104 billion, the social networking company became at that time the largest and most anticipated IPOs in history.  

Then Facebook could earn more income from advertising as a result of its phenomenal growth, the company allows ads, create a news feed for the users to publish text, audio and video, later one they add facebook live, Facebook marketplace, Facebook Business Page, Facebook Advertising Services, Facebook for developers

And the company continue to expand, his progress force other industry to use Facebook as the best platform for them to promote products and services, traditional media find themselves in the obligation to create an alimented they Facebook to avoid going out of business.

The originality of Facebook business model is simply the company is a free, platform for his users to socialize and promote themselves as a person or a brand. Facebook is a trusted brand the company earns that trust over the years by never change his policy regarding the users. When a user post, like comment something on Facebook his or her voice, will be heard. This the power that Facebook gives to people, with this platform users are not an observer only, they are actors, they interact with the world and write the page of history. 

Facebook does not sell data, but the company does sell advertising space on his platform to allow individual and companies to promote the services and products to a targeting public in a specific niche. Facebook allows university, research group and developers to share is the platform to interact with a large public and collecting data for they own to create more technologic product and services to make people live better.

Cambridge Analytica hacks Facebook at this open door, corrupted a research group who own different apps on Facebook to collect data separately for them, and they used this information to create a propaganda machine and they used Facebook and all other online platforms similar to promote paid Ads for this company agenda.

Why accusing Facebook of Cambridge Analytica misconduct because Facebook allows all users the possibility secure they personal data by allows or not some options in the settings area. Why accusing Facebook when Cambridge University’s Psychometrics Centre a Researcher Group developed a technique to map personality traits based on what people had liked on Facebook. The researchers paid users small sums to take a personality quiz and download an app, which would scrape some private information from their profiles and those of their friends, activity that Facebook permitted at the time. The approach, the scientists said, could reveal more about a person than their parents or romantic partners knew — a claim that has been disputed.

Why when Cambridge Analytica used Dr. Kogan, who was then a psychology professor at the university and knew of the techniques. Dr. Kogan built his own app and in June 2014 began harvesting data for Cambridge Analytica. The business covered the costs — more than $800,000 — and allowed him to keep a copy for his own research, according to company emails and financial records.

Why accusing Facebook when Cambridge Analytica and Dr. Kogan operate a criminal activity against Facebook through a very standard secure Facebook app to steel over 50 million Facebook users profiles illegally them Facebook intercepted the attack and stop them and ban them from his platform. Facebook is 2 billion unique visitors per day, that’s mean China population plus twice United States of America entire population combine together interacting simultaneously every day on one platform with no incident, no data bridge no hacking.

That situation will past, and Facebook will stay for long, and Africa is not yet on board the way they suppose to be. The only thing I know Facebook business model will continue reinventing itself, the world doesn’t even have a name yet for this type of business they call it social media, blog platform, the biggest advertiser company in the world, a media live stream of personal entertainment, people world number one news feed and much more. Facebook already passes the storm the company will continue to grow and users will stay for long, and trust the brand.  

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