All Major Sports Events Canceled or Postponed because social distancing is mandatory. This is a Fact!

Espn & Netflix after a long amount of pressure from the fans and sports general public. Because people at home want to find something new to watch, they finally agreed to move forward and will release Michael Jordan’s documentary about the last championship season with the Chicago Bulls.

By all means ESPN & Netflix announced on Tuesday the big news. During their press release they inform the public that the documentary in 10 consecutives episodes is called “The Last Dance”.

However the show will run in the U.S. over five sequentials Sunday nights starting from April 19 to end on May 17. Each Sunday two hour-long episodes will be released on each of those nights to please the audience.

Keep in mind the show will be airing back-to-back at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. Eastern standard time, and the past episodes will be available the day after, meaning monday morning following the release date on Netflix for the International audience living out of the US.

The info made buzz on the sport community all over the world from the athletes themselves throughout the fans base as well.

Meanwhile some big names reacted publically quoting: “April 19th can’t come fast enough. I CAN NOT WAIT!!” Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James tweeted upon hearing news of the series’ long-awaited release.

If the king himself said that we were wondering what we expect from this documentary series? Because ABC, ESPN & Netflix will put for the first time to the public some ever-before-seen footage from that season, one where the team chased its sixth championship during their eight years journey of pursuit to glory and fame.

As ESPN was originally planning to release the documentary in June, when this season’s NBA Finals were to be played.

But, after the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the order of our reality in the US. Nowadays without sports to air right now the starting plans were modified and accelerated under the public pressure of the new reality.

Keep in mind that this documentary is atypical and pretty unique. Because the producer has in a quarter-century of archive footage. All started in the fall of 1997 Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf and the coach of this era Phil Jackson allowed an NBA Entertainment film crew permission to follow the team all season everywhere and everyday way before reality tv was born.

Today ESPN & Netflix are ready to release these top and exclusive content of these footages. The public will for the first time see the true profiles of Micheal Jordan’s key teammates. Such as the only one man show Scottie Pippen, the flamboyant Dennis Rodman and the quiet storm Steve Kerr, without forgetting with Coach Phil Jackson the Zen Master himself plus the phenomenon embodying super star Michael Jordan as known as The Air Jordan.

Get ready to jump in the pass to meet Chicago Bulls of the 90’s where sport wasn’t just a Game but a religion. Where the basketball court was the clash of the titans were talents was not enought to win the game.

Where players needed conviction, motivation, perfection plus the golden touch to succeed, and era where competition has begun an addiction and fair play the ruler for the perfect game.

According to Jason Hehir, who directed the series. He affirmed that “Making ‘The Last Dance’ was an incredible opportunity to explore the extraordinary impact of one man and one team. For nearly three years, we searched far and wide to present the definitive story of an era-defining dynasty and to present these sports heroes as humans.”

Maybe this series documentary will open the golden gate for a blossom of inspiring feeding for the youths. Who knows after the country this coronavirus pandemic crisis the youngers who will feed their mind with the Micheal Jordan and The Chicago Bulls Documentary spirit will shine and make sports or any field they will touch become a cult of perfection for the following upcoming generation.

That’s why I will not miss the opportunity to watch all of the episodes of this documentary series, so I hope you will do the same. Let me know you feed at the comment section after watching the documentary series the last dance.