Enjoy the world, Enjoy in the sea.

, Enjoy in sea. This morning I wake up early, as usual, and think about what I am going to do for following week with my soon to hang out together, you know is twelve years old I better bring new ideas that we both like. Then I remembered that we are both live have a good to and we love going to beach to enjoy sea. 

I know that every year when weather is warm before  summer even starts, I visit often Nautica Mile at Freeport long Island New-York, to just hanging out and have fun, eat some good meal at one of  outdoor restaurants and ride a jet ski for a couple of hours, but I always do that in solo.

I was this morning thinking to share this moment this year with my son, so I went online to book a reservation for two rental , and by chance or by targeting marketing, I hand up on the YouTube channel of  ”  doing something secular and wonderful they called it a wheelie. 

The video is fun colorful and inspiring I am not surprised why this YouTube channel 2,667,900 subscribers, the team behind this YouTubers Media are doing a wonderful job and on top of that there are mad funny, they youngsters love it.

I pick the phone to call my son to ask him if he would like to try a Wheely experience with me he told dad that awesome, and he engaged a long conversation with about it he told me that he saw that on YouTube before on  ”.

Apparently, I was late with my good news, the trends have already beat me, my son is one 2,667,900 subscribers and next one is me, for other Dad’s or Mam’s from my generation and beyond I share this Viral Youtube video with you that may avoid you what I experienced as a parent being uninformed about what happened on YouTube and as a blogger as I am that’s a shame.  

The phone conversation with my son ended with this sentence: ” Dad we gonna be Late this weekend, that’s awesome”. I told him why should we be late.

He laughs at me because in this case be late means ” Amazing” he said dad you are so old you do not even know when something is Late, you mean awesome he said yes. I said okay I have to upgrade my vocabulary to better communicate with your generation then.

He said yeah you late dad, I replied okay you mean awesome. He laughs again so I said why.

He told me your vocabulary is old fashion in this case late mean uninformed. I told him okay to much for me in one lesson of  IGen that’s mean generation post-millennial Generation Z  people like my son or your kids.

We end the call by wishing goodbye to each other. I will see you Saturday to , .