Uruguay vs Portugal – Edinson Cavani Scored Double Goals & Show Cristiano Ronaldo The Exit from the FIFA World Cup 2018, shortly after Kylian become the new superhero to qualify France National team for the round.

Edinson Cavani all-time top scorer Paris Saint Germain – PSG, Cavani who already has won four Ligue 1 championships and scored more than 157 for this wrote himself a new page of history as his friend Kylian and teammate the PSG, by qualify Uruguay to the round.

Edinson Cavani also scored 2 today as Kylian did and show Christiano Ronaldo and the Portugal National Team the same exit that offered to and The Argentina National team. a Knockout plus kicking out the FIFA World Cup 2018.

It seems today was an ejectable started for the big name and megastars of soccer, as Lionel Messi & Christiano Ronaldo. at the same time, it is a new day for some rising stars and Edinson Cavani is one of them.

Since 1982, I never watch a world cup with more surprise than one, so far as the two most game played today with the most spectacular and many people fans Portugal to Argentina are sad and can’t digest the lost.

the other side of South America in Uruguay is the new beginning, is a nation of glorious past of in the events form Copa America to the World Cup, fans there are happily celebrating a victory and starts believing in a new World Cup 2018 championship why not.

In the first after the game, Edinson Cavani sent a to people in Uruguay he told them himself and all in the National Team are now dreaming the wants to bring a trophy home, he told let’s dreaming together to past the round.

a wonderful day of soccer, a wonderful day for Wold 2018 June 30th, 2018 the continues and every day bringing passion for the game, more sensational performance and more topic to discuss the media,  at the pubs, between colleagues and friend finally at home.

Definitely, FIFA world is the greatest sports event the planet earth and a day as today just reaffirm we already know, in the math schedule day some more team will knock out and sent home, who will be the one?