E-commerce: Amazon Recent Scandal. Does the company facing some technical or has simply been the victim of a hacking attack?

How come the e-commerce giant exposes some customers sensitive information online?

Although may be true, Amazon the e-commerce giant. Exposes millions of customers names, email and eventually credit information online by inadvertence week. A spokesperson from e-commerce platform Wednesday it had inadvertently disclosed the names and email addresses of some customers. The reason apparently is related to what the e-commerce giant described as a minor technical error.

However, Amazon did not even bother to elaborate on what is the nature of error. The company just affirmed fixed the issue for the time being. Amazon also confirmed the incident was not a breach of its website or any of its systems. “We have fixed the issue in which you may have been impacted, informed the customer’s service. ”  An Amazon spokesperson in a very brief statement.

Therefore, Amazon affirmed its customer service had emailed out the company customers base. The reason is simple. Amazon wants all shoppers to be very cautious. Especially during the Black Friday on its e-commerce platform.

Despite, unusual extra caution of activities from Amazon it’s really strange. For many reasons because primo: it is unclear how many accounts were affected. secondo: Amazon did not answer any questions about what the technical error was. Either how for long these pieces of information exposed in public.

Finally, who may have had access to the names, emails and probably credit information of its customers. How does the public know about this incident?

The reason is not that Amazon wants to be transparent the public. Instead, because some customers shared screenshots Wednesday on media of the email that Amazon sent them. A kind of very abstract message these words:

“We’re contacting you to let you know that our website inadvertently disclosed your email due to a technical error. This is not a result of anything you have done, and is no need for you to change your password or take any other action.”  to the screenshots messages that published and still circulating on media scrolling feed.

This scenario happened after recently eBay accused Amazon. The accusation is about the e-commerce giant fraudulently infiltrating an internal messaging . Also called M2M to take its high-value buyer’s clients.  to what is circulating on pro-hackers websites on the . Amazon was probably the victim of a breach.

Many big names in the online hacking community. Claimed the vindictive action against Amazon.  to what we can read on hackers platforms they : “ This is a retaliation to what Amazon did to by stealing they high-value buyers clients on eBay.”

Does it’s a new kind of conflict between Amazon and some third party interest on the e-commerce community? Because what we know so far eBay already filled a lawsuit against Amazon. That happened on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 in Santa Clara County in California.

Did the conflict become nasty between those two giants? Or perhaps people who are on eBay. Decided suddenly to take the fight personally and counter-attack Amazon.

Maybe they want to hurt back the giant on Black Friday week.  It could none of those either because who knows what can happen now.  For certain in this new era of online it’s possible. The consumers are defenseless against fraud. The easily targeted, victimized and vandalized.

Our disclosures to our readers are simple. If you are Amazon shoppers. You might plan to buy some goods online during the major wave of Black Friday. We tell you to be extra cautious because your may be compromised and you may become a  victim of a potential identity theft.

So be vigilant on what you’re doing during this week online especially by shopping on www.amazon.com  for the holidays. What you have to remember in this is:

Amazon has emailed out of to inform them their personal was exposed.
An Amazon employee contract has been terminated over disclosing email addresses to third-party sellers, the company said in October.
An Amazon employee acts as an insider and sent a lot of information customers information to a third-party seller website. The name of the third party entity has not revealed.
Amazon Customer Service had said. “As a result, the employee has been terminated and we are law enforcement in their prosecution.”

For , this is not clear and suspicion. All the scenario looks that it almost certain that Amazon platform has been hack badly. The breach seems was big enough to hut people. Because of the hackers were so astucious to set-up Amazon. The hackers seem had to place inside Amazon to open a backdoor for them on Amazon servers.