Hope Hicks resignation news shocking the Trump Administration has an earthquake,  left a President Donald Trump totally confuse, angry with fury and fire inside a white house alarmed with no more white lies communication specialist to cover up for him.

Hope Hicks turn her back to the Trump Administration 24 hours, after a long hours interview with special counsel Robert Mueller is an alarming sign of a pandemic resignation wave that continuing infected day by day more White House Staff Members one after one more chaotic than the earlier.

The Trump presidency is also under a huge pressure bigger than the Water Gate Dossier size with the special counsel Robert Mueller investigation on the Russia influence during 2016 election after he already mark some significant miles stone as indictment, guilty plea, Interviews, convocation, interrogation, affected by many members of The president inner circle, 19 Russian Citizens, with a possibility that potentially will hand up on some people on the Trump family or President Donald Trump himself could be facing indictment even jail sentence.

President Trump Loves to be in the spotlight, feed his Twitter account with some controversial and inflammatory declaration, accusation, attacking whoever not agree with megalomania vision of the everyday reality, maybe he still got Hope without Hope Hicks, could we say Yes He Can! May not That will make him sounds the Obama’s time.

By the time been inside the White House, the Trump administration is reality TV show live with a sulfuric President Donald Trump with family and friends, feeding the news daily with melodrama and tragic-comedy act randomly. The show will continue with more intrigue, more drama, more with or black lies, more staff members resignation, more scandals, more suspends and the next episode more spicy than what Hollywood could offer us.

Button line the American people is humiliating in the face of the world by a President and his administration that make this country looks definitely as a third world country, a dictatorial regime leaving a nation to suffer from the basics needs, as health care, infrastructure or more recently guns proliferation  in the streets, lack of leadership and mass shooting in school, live concert or a nightclub.

The only thing  I may say to end this paper whoever you are, Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives or whatever you want to call yourself we got to be serious and choose better leader to send in Washington in the midterm election 2018 otherwise  this nation will be a new land of anarchist and political tumult, if that happening we will all lose our faith in democracy our dignity as a nation and our leadership over the world as superpower.

People stop joking starting by me, you, the media, the president, politicians and any other people who may think that what is happening in American now in this is fun.

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