I am reading the news headlines today, and I am asking my self how come? President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin lay down “The Art of Nonsense” in foreign policy. I can’t believe we have in the top of the world two alfa male in the position of power.

Two impulsive individuals who are behaving as children by using incendiary declaration against each other to address a humanitarian crisis that requires great leadership and compassion to help the Syrian people who are suffering and trapped in dead-end death corridor of civil war never ended for years.

I am really concern about this nonsense rhetoric of two individuals who are playing with human destiny into their hands by just a phone call or a press button away to launch a catastrophic International conflict that can spread to many countries eventually where nuclear or chemical weapons can be used to kill more innocents, more woman, more children, more youth but more men who also our brother, father, husband of the individuals from prior group.

I mean the situation is insane today to see two superpowers react irresponsibly that pushes they own citizens and nation directly in the middle of the Syrian a brotherhood, that has nothing to do with they own countries. Nevertheless, they are the United States Of America and the Federation of Russia are completely forgotten that in they own soil they have a lot problem to fix, such as building new public infrastructure, create jobs, fighting drugs as opioid crisis and public corruption in they own government.

President Donald Trump and his homolog and friend President Vladimir Putin are both under investigation for a potential influence of the Russia government on the last US election in 2016, where President Donald Trump may facing impeachment even jail time if the probe investigation finds him guilty. In the other side, we got President Vladimir Putin who is just reelected from what the western society called a puppet election that made him become the most notorious dictator in the world in the modern history with no credibility what so ever.

infantile verbal aggression from those two men may, aggravating the situation in Sirya with a potential aggression on the Iranian military forces already on the ground on Syria, which regime may retaliate against Isreal and increase the conflict to that direction. Do not forget also the Turkish military Forces also on the ground who are operating they own brotherhood war inside of the Syrian conflict against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party or PKK. 

One of the most problematic scenario on a miscalculating missile strike in Syria the Trump Administration will put Turkey in a really uncomfortable situation because the Turkish  Army Forces participated actively as an allied with US military in a war in Syria against the Islamic State.  The even distributed weapon for the US military to Syrian rebels and the Free Army Syrian forces in the past.

Bahar al Assad considers Turkey as an enemy nation, the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq want to attack, on the other hand, Turkey. Do not forget that Turkish airforces had fired a Russian airplane they are not, a friendly nation for the Russian who may want retaliation in the future.

President Donald Trump auto proclaimed self-made billionaire who had used in the past a ghostwriter journalist  Tony Schwartz to write for him a best seller book “The art of the deal” facts shown us  that President Trump does not like to read maybe he should start to read ” The art of the war” by Sun Tzu of the  version by Nicholas Machiavel. Anyway, Mr. Trump needs to educate himself about geopolitics and leadership, more otherwise he should never be fired Herbert Raymond McMaster of the most competent and decorated general in the US Army as his national security adviser.

President Trump on office managing foreign policy and national policy become for the US nation and the world “The Art of Non-Sense”  other piece advice I can give this administration and the President if you do not General Herbert Raymond McMaster  at least read his extraordinary book, Dereliction of Duty,  that may help  Mr. Donald Trump not told Russia on Twitter when and how he will strike missile in Syria.

If in the near future US and Russia start applying they “The Art of Nonsense” military strategy the world may be facing the worst humanitarian crisis as never happened before, the Union European Nations will be invading with a flow of human migration movement that may change the face of the world and be raising xenophonia, racism, hate and socio-political instability in many nations territories that may be landing in large military multi conflict lighting many pockets of fire.

The world is very small and unpredictable with the power of the new technology, internet, and social media those type of tweeting diplomacy can hand upon a catastrophic  scenario world war III scenario if we citizen we do not highlight those nonsense and raise our voice to say to  Donald Trump Versus Vladimir Putin stop “The Art of Nonsense” and before the worse happens.