: was sad for the public for modern history, episode in modern politics in country. The of dual contradictory conflicting testimony, battleground for an embarrassing partisanship fight for power, total shame scene television, radio station all over the world.

The the testimony of , explaining her version of the , courage difficulty. She took her time answer questions from the prosecutor for hours.

same in the evening, Brett Kavanaugh was doing presenting his defense in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee for his nomination the Supreme Court. Instead of defending his name and his reputation he engaged in rhetoric of attacking the Democrat’s Senators in very disrespectful manner.

During moment the public weakness Brett Kavanaugh, raising over Senators when were doing civic duty. The public observes guy has no respect because he was very aggressive against senators during session.

The worst part was when Senator Republican Senator of gave an impassioned during Thursday’s Senate hearing sexual assault he attacked the Senate institution with anger, and shift the moment from a hearing a horrible a politic .

Following this moment Republican Senators healing attacking the minority Democrat instead of questioning Brett Kavanaugh about the sexual abuse allegation. The moment was stolen the Republican’s trying to push Brett Kavanaugh the Supreme Court anyway regardless of the consequences.

The nation lost, in this because the Republican want validates a guy has a drinking problem, said much time during the I beers, sometimes I too beers.

This the Senate Judiciary Committee reveals something very important Brett Kavanaugh, have an anger problem. He ’t control under pressure of a confirmation hearing come he be to important decision on the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

What happened to democracy in this country?