Colin Kaepernick taking a knee the national anthem during a protest against police brutality again African’s Americans the US. was mediatic bombshell we all remembered .

However, the controversy following the explanatory debate initiated by after was a shockwave for the nation.

Consequences, Colin Kaepernick hands up losing his career as a sportsman the battle for justice equality for every citizen America regardless of the person color race and gender.

Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick has become a legendary activist for social justice the US and a belove figure the world of the sport forever.


Nevertheless, Colin Kaepernick has maintained is discretion by working helping and fighting for the cause he embraced underground and of help low-income children and young adult growing up in a bad neighborhood.

After a long silence and a lawsuit settlement between Colin Kaepernick and . However, he has come back in the spotlight sporadically on a controversial Nike advertising during the last Superbowl.

In which he reaffirmed the he will continue to fight for what he believed to be the right things to do. By all , Colin Kaepernick accepting to be the front runner to fight and police brutality against African Americans in the .

Now, if you or anybody else was not taking Colin Kaepernick seriously you should review yourself. Because this guy truly believes in what is doing,

By the time you were skeptical about his determination,  guest what to prove his heaters how serious he is, Colin Kaepernick protest again but this time with more energy and vocally not silently anymore.

Because has officially  Colin Kaepernick one more time protest in America. But in this particular case he raising his voice, to denounce vocally on social media his frustration instead of taking a knee.

Is action is definitely bold because he called out Nike. For choosing the print on the Nike Air Max 1 the “Betsy Ross Flag” on it.

your name is Colin Kaepernick your voice has wait, in the community. However, it was not taking long to get Nike reaction. 

According to a decision made by the giant authentic Nike. As a multinational , Nike forced to remove in the market immediately to avoid any backlash for against product.

This is a significant victory for the African Americans and the Latinos Community in America.

Are you still believe the fact Colin Kaepernick was taking a knee the national anthem during some game was wrong.

If you were following this narrative and the nonsensical lexical of fake patriotism of and his Trumper’s followers.

Guest what the torch of defends our value as undivided nation as has been relayed from Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players who followed his example.

Today is the US Female Soccer Team were the Greatest all the time legendary Megane Rapinoe has taking a knee during the national anthem to defend to same .

We are one nation undivided and unify to work together as one people, one nation multicolor and multiethnicity. We are the people a mosaic of diverse loving people ’s why our nation name is .