Christmas eve is today the ambience is already take off to celebrate a new Holliday!

As today is I took the E train toward Manhattan, I weakness an exodus of people from Jamaica Center Train Queens Station to the last stop at Wold Trade Center downtown the city.

At every people are off and more are in. compartment of the train is full of riders pack as sardines. There are squeezing from one to another with no little space at all.

These people are carrying shopping in their both hands and laughing, talking and eating sometimes some snacks to refill their stomach after some much walking and excitement.

Some of these people are hungry at all, they are just plugging into their smartphones, listing to some music in their expensive Bluetooth headphones.

seems for some reason apparently they look happy, many of them even wear Santa Claus hat. When I look at the scene, I ask myself come ’s possible for some many people are so doom?

Because in front of my eyes, what I observed is nothing than a group of individuals leaving in an alternative reality. There are kids, teenagers and adults and they all feeding their mind with a myth.

 The myth of Chrismas, Hanuka or Kunza. I understand if you are Christain, Jews or Animist who celebrate event to keep with your faith. You may feel offended by for sure.

Nevertheless, your frustration will the fact that you are been used an experience subject to believe an idea that that making you become a kind of hypnotic mesmerizing consumer.  

’s say for some reason you are a really religious person. Then you really believe that Chrismas is the birthday of the Chosen One.

If so why don’t you take moment to worship and pay to renew your commitment to your faith to alimented and feed your belief pattern more to your God Or Devine being.

Meanwhile, I got to ask you where mythic character of Santa Claus came from? kind of generous genius that comes every during the night to bring presents to everyone during their sleep. 

The Santa Claus thing is really a good concept of a fairness Super Natural or Mystical figure who wants to make everyone happy for Christmas. What a wonderful lie!

Because in reality Santa Claus never exist! The truth is Santa Claus is a myth. A pure fiction implanted in people mind since childhood that made them believe in Chrismas Spirit.

In fact, Chrismas Spirit is nothing else than a event that force who believe in it to consume more goods or products.

Because during Christmas companies will do whatever they can to force you to buy more and more non-stop.

The idea is simple they feed your mind with an infomercial 24/7, supporting with Christmas songs, Chrismas Movies and Santa Clauss images everywhere.

They invade your environment with Christmas items, everywhere you go. There is no way for you to escape in this trap until you clear up the mind from this non-sense

Do you ever wonder why people are celebrating Christmas? Maybe never ask yourself why do you believe in such stories? 

you should yourself: What is the TRUE ORIGIN of Christmas? Where did it come from? 

You may think you know more about Christmas than everyone. You are alone in this category.

I used to be brainwashed like that in the past. But, did you know Yeshua the Messiah born nowhere NEAR December 25th.

In fact, December 25th, the “birthdayR; of the sun- god, “Sol InvictusR; or “MithrasR;? 

You should be wondering why December 25th chosen for Christmas Day?

You may want to know December 25th was, in reality, the concluding day of the pagan winter festival called the “SaturnaliaR;? 

Where did “Santa ClausR; come from? What about the famous evergreen “Christmas tree”? 

What did happen to link this pagan feast to become directly connected with “Christianity”? 

So many questions to ask some many tales to learn. What don’t you stop shopping for a moment to go online make some research about this cult of Christmas? 

I bet you will be surprised to learn that Jesus was Never Born a December 25th.

If you do not have time for that I will put down some link for you to give you a better picture about naive are you and easy you others manipulate your life by them determine for you what to believe or not.

Likewise, I close this by one of my quote: “Wake your mind if you want to save your life. Because you are probably being a mind-controlled slave all your existence. Free your mind that you can free yourself definitely”

Link to if you want to demystify the myth of Christmas


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