Flood China: Emergency started to move residents out of areas, drains tunnels.

Flood China: Zhengzhou and other cities Xinxiang, Hebi and Anyang residents under siege, since these areas .

Therefore, rescuers crews used bulldozers and rubber boats to move residents out of neighborhoods.

manner to assist population in central China on Saturday after torrential rains killed least 56 people.

In Zhengzhou, a city of 12 million people. Government crews armed industrial pumps finished draining from a major traffic tunnel, according to a news report.

rains started Tuesday in densely populated Henan were heaviest on record, according to government.
On Saturday, skies were mostly clear. parts of Zhengzhou and other cities Xinxiang, Hebi and Anyang still were under .

Residents were carried out of areas in Hebi where water was up to 2 meters (6 feet) deep, the Shanghai news outlet The Paper reported.

The Ministry of Emergency ; flood drainage teams 300 people and equipment from neighboring provinces. According the official reported Xinhua News Agency said.

than 200 wrecked cars were pulled out of Zhengzhou’s Jingguang North Road Tunnel. Where up to 13 meters (43 feet) deep was pumped out, The Paper reported.

The Paper said “it been confirmed some people died”. gave no indication whether meant additional bodies were found in the tunnel after reported Wednesday. Twelve people died Tuesday night, in a flooded Zhengzhou subway tunnel.

Direct economic losses were estimated 13.9 billion yuan ($2 billion), according to Xinhua. It said a total of than 3,800 houses collapsed across the province and 920,000 people were evacuated from homes.

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