Business Marketing with an Instagram Photo Contest

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An is a way to promote your while having fun. A lead to followers while your company is giving back to the Instagram community. A friend of my passed me this idea and I find it Amazing, I try it, that was so awesome and so easy to execute by me. I said to myself I must share this idea my readers in our to help generate more leads and more traffic to your website, blog, and

Let me tell in the beginning that running an isn’t always easy task believe me, and be a confusing but not difficult if know what to do. is a short guide to follow step by step to getting the most out of a , take it, apply it and go money off it.

Target Your Market

Define your market before kicking off your . A contest for families who enjoy camping is going to a lot different than couples who for and exciting places to visit in the city. Determine who you intend to engage , and gear your contest toward them.

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Team Up

Finding a partner for your be a for both . Not can you gain more followers through this , but you’ll also receive additional exposure. Most of types of partnerships require participants to be followers of both accounts before can enter. Keep things simple though. ’s no need to team up more than per contest.

Avoid Confusion

your rules for entering and participating in your photo contest are clear and concise. Include an ending date and , and step-by-step instructions for participants, including limitations on the number of entries.

Call to Action

Provide your followers a clear call to action, so that are fully aware of the necessary steps required to enter the contest. The primary purpose of your photo contest is to gain followers or your exposure (but you have fun too!). The two most common to go about doing this is to have contestants tag a friend or post a picture.

Tag a Friend – For this type of call to action, have participants tag a friend to enter the contest. the friend sees your post and , will join and tag more .

Post a Photo – Contestants with this type of call to action post a photo and a specific hashtag to enter. This will you to track the entries, and pick a winner the comes.

Keep an Eye on Submissions

This is your contest, so it would behoove you to be aware of how it’s progressing. Decide how you’ll monitor your contest, whether manually or by using of the many available for just such an occasion. Decide beforehand how you plan on following your contest, so you’re not scrambling to decide while submissions are rolling in.

Visitor Boost

Declare a Winner

your contest comes to a close, it’s to pick a winner. contests a poll, while others may a group of judges. No matter what you choose, select a winner and notify them through Instagram.

Promote the winner on your Instagram page, but don’t forget to where is due. Cross-promote on other platforms. Announce the results on your Twitter, Facebook, and web as .

Repeat as Needed

Running an Instagram photo contest doesn’t have to be a -time occurrence. You can have a weekly or monthly contest. Explore your options, find what works best for your company and adjust as needed. a way to habits with your followers while momentum with your contests.

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Instagram photo contests are an excellent opportunity to have fun with the platform while building up a following. Be creative and engaging with your contests to have the most success. Not will you expand your audience, but you’ll also have fresh content that may inspire your next photo contest. For more tips, check out click