“Buffett’s Alpha” Academic Scientists Broke ’s Investment Magic Formula. Everyone knows that  detains a special touch as investor, other claims he got a code a kind Mathematics magical formula, that he used to get things done he uses it regularly for than five .

Rumors no one knows, how the code works? even his close , business partners, relatives, employees, from Berkshire Hathaway. But almost most everybody on earth would like to have access to this golden formula this miraculous code.

As the Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting took place last weekend, Investors, curious people asked the same question they have asked each passing year, they are wondering what happen to Berkshire Hathaway’s BRK.B,+1.85% stock performance once the legendary investor, now 87 years old, is no longer at the helm the .

For those people who asked this question, let me tell you that academic study started several years ago, think to have in effect, “broke” Buffett’s code. The study, titled is “Buffett’s Alpha”. Written by three principals at AQR Capital Management.

Each whom has academic credentials: Andrea Frazzini, David Kabiller, and Lasse Pedersen. The study derived investment formula that, if mechanically followed over Buffett’s five-decade career, would have replicated his fantastic returns.

The research for Buffett’s Alpha code is over , in fact, they continue to do it until today, nobody from now known what post world look like, but the time being the financial world is continuing undeniably flourish under, his wisdom and enlightening advises because nobody can beat him in the art  money and accumulate wealth.

My personal question is how does he take the scientists. The researchers with those technologies, complicated algorithms, artificial intelligence. Big and supercomputers, five to unlock his Buffett’s Alpha?

I am wondering if they have even been approaching closer to understand Warren magic touch investment code or formula, at all. Because of  simplicity and patience to conduct business, make him become a living oracle who can see for what other can’t even imagine coming. Anyway, the Buffett’s Alpha code is and available for to whom want to use it.

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