Brexit is coming with a price that no in wants to carry Legacy of act.

ready to break-up its alliance with the EU community. But, somehow difficult Britain leaders to political common .

As an exit the nation from the EU just to avoid potential upcoming crisis.

, The likely from the a possible Brexit extension.

A kind of maneuver that allow Britain’s to obtain a delay to allow them to figure out how to the aftermath that follow the Brexit final decision.

to a senior Britain’s diplomat source, urge the government and the political actors. That the conclusive the stalled deal. Somewhat, might still be done with care and less controversy.

Meanwhile, all depends a bipartisan effort to work together to a final deal after the bloc’s March 21-22 summit, has been effective.

the side, all the other 27 EU member states staying together. the same time, they strongly determined to defend their common interest and protect their economies after Brexit will be effective.

, for them, the United Kingdom will have any treatment after the Brexit.

They will them with import and export tariff as any other country non-members of the EU community.

Because the Brexit leave date of 29 midnight. If nothing change all. The united kingdom will officially out of the EU community.

means automatically a lot of change in the market, especially in the area contain as and personal , Health and work, , Renting of machinery and equipment, and other business activities, Real activities, Financial intermediation, Post and telecommunications.

Drastically change will operate equally in other supporting and auxiliary transport activities, Air transport, Water transport, Inland transport.

The sectors that will more be affecting the Brexit Hotels and restaurants, Retail , motor and motorcycles, Sale, maintenance and repair of motor and motorcycles.

The and will hurt more than 80% of different sectors as Construction, Electricity, gas and water supply, Manufacturing, recycling, Transport equipment, Electrical and optical equipment, Machinery, Basic metals, and fabricated metal.

Brexit will also agriculture, mine, and fossil energy industries as other non-metallic minerals, Rubber and plastics, Chemicals and chemical , Coke, refined petroleum and fuel.

Other industries will directly be impacted such as Pulp, paper, printing and publishing, Wood, wood and cork, Textiles, textile , leather and footwear, Food, beverages and tobacco, Mining and quarrying, Agriculture, hunting, forestry, and fishing.

As the UK parliament and Prime Minister, Theresa May’s fighting for the right agreement for the United Kingdom with the EU bloc.

Meantime, the are studying the best case scenario possible to punish the United Kingdom for trying to implode the EU alliance.

As a consequence, some alternate forms of tariffs are implementing to protect the community against the possibility if the UK becomes a real treat against the .

Does some question to be addressed such as will after the Brexit affect the European community will experience a new geopolitical dynamic reality?

time will the United Kingdom will be considered as an allied, as a friend as an enemy of the European Union after Brexit completed?

question will be answered after very soon. For the time being all depends how the United Kingdom the of their exit of The European Union.

likely how Britain’s will their future relationship with 27 staying member state of the EU.

interrogations are subjecting for another article in the future for sure!