One day a dear of my sent me a beautiful card on an ordinary day with no particular with quote: “Be for . is life”. particular quote wrote by , who also known as a Persian, mathematicianastronomer, philosopher, and poet. He lived from 18 May 1048 – 4 December 1131 and if have a chance to of Khayyam’s quatrains may understand or have an interpretation of his philosophic attitude toward life as a combination of pessimismnihilismEpicureanismfatalism, and agnosticism.

Nevertheless, not everyone is into all those complicate thinking but they understood his quote: “Be for this . This is life”.  What this sentence mean to ?  Instead of waiting for answer I am with my point of view about it.

If wish is to live a then it is to shift your toward your . Often people have one image in mind that of prosperity is the synonym of having , caring a lot of cash, own many of assets. But it is more than that, prosperity, in reality, it is about having an abundance of love, happiness, health and other things you wish to do in your life.

Be for this . This is your life. –

I  do have another question for you: what do you think of when you hear the word ‘’? right, or cash? isn’t just about , it is about being wealthy in other ways. Yes, you can be wealthy in a monetary sense, and poor and lonely inside of you and be caring a lot of pain within in you.

But you can also be wealthy mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you have spiritual it will manifest itself in love, health, peace of mind, happiness and other great qualities. We are talking about spiritual and not .

Although a person that is truly wealthy is rich in both and spiritual . Usually, they will obtain spiritual before and then the follows. This is not the case with everyone as often you will see people that are spiritually rich but not so much rich in . Likewise, you will see people that are rich with but have no , these people are usually not happy and even though they are rich materially they are never satisfied with what they have. Acquiring and prosperity can you to reach a balance between spiritual and .

To do this balance of wealth you first need to build up your ‘abundance awareness’. If you aren’t used to thinking this way, then it can take a bit of work to re-program your brain, but you will soon begin to see the benefits. Too many of us have developed thinking habits and our lives worrying and thinking thoughts. You need to turn your way of thinking around into an abundance and be much more with your thinking. When you develop this type of awareness you will then look at life and life’s situations with a much more outlook. For example, if you are struggling financially, instead of focusing on your financial struggle you will take steps to change your situation.

can also you to enjoy your working life. There are so that hate getting up and going to work each day but there are also a lot of people that love their work and enjoy going to work every day. These people will often continue to work even if they don’t need to financially because they get so much enjoyment from it.

Start taking steps to change your to a more one and start achieving spiritual abundance and prosperity. Don’t think of money as throwing it away, think of the aspect of what you are receiving in return for that money. When you are faced with a difficult situation in life, try to see it as an experience that will you grow and don’t dwell on the negatives of that experience. Changing the way you think will change how happy you are in life and this can actually change the events that happen in your life. A simple change can help you meet spiritual abundance and help you to live a happy, prosperous life. Finally remembered every day in your life that:’Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life”.