Costco is selling a $6,000 doomsday meal kit, made the Internet become crazy by flood or reaction  all platform: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr and more. People asking themselves one : Does Costco known some apocalyptic may happen very soon?

Anyway, if yes or no the remains secret, but we know that  Costco survivor kit for the doomsday cost $ 6,000 and ’s a real  with a mega advertising campaign on the internet behind , by spending a huge propaganda machine of eventuality doomsday is coming.

$ 6,000 is not accessible to everyone that’s mean the average American  is making $16 000 a year on the smallest rage salary, people living in many  in this country will be never able to buy this kind of kit. Costco is selling a $6,000 doomsday meal kit is a premium package coming with a financial payment plan extended over 3 years.

The funny part of the story shoppers buying six-month food supplies wrapped in military-grade Mylar pouches, and kits filled with duct tape, food bars, and air-filtration mask, that will totally be expired before 12 months but they ready to work three years straight to pay Costco the $6,000 plus interest doomsday meal kit. 

Very hilarious, shoppers even buying water in those type of survival meal kit, click on the link for details about Costco $6,000 doomsday meal kit.

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