Andrew Cuomo and New York is under siege of COVID-19 pandemic deadly virus where people casualty is enormous!

Mianwhile people on the Internet are facinated by this question does Andrew Cuomo’s Nipples Are Pierced Or Not? 

Since the last 48 hours, Andrew Cuomo who is actually New York Governor is under scrutiny on the Internet not to question the amazing job his actually doing to save people live from COVID-19.

But, the Internet freak wants to know If Andrew Cuomo nipples are pierced. Because of arccording to these social distance internet junky they believe have seen a kind of sign on a picture where the Governor appears to have his Naples pierced under his immaculate white polo short.

This Internet buzz went viral after an MSNBC producer name Kyle Griffin tweeted out an op-ed from The Washington Post about what could be learned from gubernatorial responses to the coronavirus outbreak.

Suddenly a huge discussion sparks on all social media platforms but more intensely on tweeter where people are asking a single question: Does Governor Andrew Cuomo Nipples Are Pierced?

Because of the picture chosen inadvertently from the Kyle Griffin op-ed from The Washington Post sparked a Twitter storm that rapidly inflamed Facebook, Snap short, Pinterest, Tumblr, What’s App, Reddit, LinkedIn, Tik Tok and more.

While there are plenty, dying in New York state. Actually the coronavirus death toll in New York City surged to 914 on Monday afternoon, accelerated during a timeline of six terrific hours pushed the tally spike up to 124 casualties. Now New York is experiencing at least one death every 2.9 minutes, 790 confirmed fatalities per day and the numbers are still rimping-up.

Seriously, I am surprised to find out that some people in this country are really mercyless. Because, no matter how bizarre or twisted a human being’s mind can be, I will never imagine that people’s fascination in this period about New York will be focused on Gov. Andrew Coumo nipples.

Questioning rather or not, they’re possibly pierced. People wake up, stop being silly, right now the nation is at risk and New Yorkers are passing away every single minute. Be compassionate, pray and engage yourself in some kind of charitable action to help instead of being a foul online.