Africa Are You Ready!  The Continent Is ready, The First African Investment Forum (AIF) is All Set For November 7-9, 2018. Before we get there let’s take the time machine and get back to the years of not funny at all documentaries degrading painting a panorama of poverty and hangry people waiting for humanitarian aid from western nonprofits organizations.

But we all know behind the scene   these philanthropists institutions are a hugely profitable business models operating as traffic of influence platform for multinational corporations,  pharmaceutical firms, guns production  industry, political and economic lobby business group,  private military contractors for dirty services  sponsoring and alimenting military conflicts, coup d’etat,  to maintain an instability status quo in the region from only benefit of their own agenda to keep Africa Backward for all kind of sally purpose as taxes evasion and fake humanitarian agreement, organs and human traffic, tourism prostitution and non-control territory for all kind of experimental scentific or physcologic therories on behalf of Charity Missions narrow corridors.

Today, this era ist’s over. The continent becomes stronger, the population is extremely young, the education is high, with highly effective motivate entrepreneurs, scientists, investors,  Innovators, risk-takers, business people and visionary who want to challenge the world by addressing with African resources intellectual, technic,  material and economic.

The actual generation of African is multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multireligious but tight inside one vision: “ An Old Continent Under A Young Leadership”, the actual generation of Africans from north to south and east to west wants unity and to create the African Marketplace to use technology as tools to overcome the gap to rest of the world and expand their ambition wings to the western world to sell goods, products and services from “Made In ” all over the world.

The continent today business wise  is roughly 5707 profitable high-tech start-up companies, 11411 crown funding, hedge fund and venture capital, more than 200 high ranking universities,   25 Africans Billionaires in 2017,  the Top 10 of 9993  most profitable companies in the continent have combined Assets of $ 157.72 Billions US dollars and provide 57200 Stable Jobs.


To satisfy this regional market and inject more capital in the economy,  the African Development Bank will officially launch the Africa Investment Forum () ‒’s − on April 19, in , South . The launch is a forerunner to the first-ever Investment Forum, which will take place in from , .

The African Development Bank’s is a key player in African Continent economy indicates that Africa’s infrastructure requirements amount of US $130-170 billion a year. To address these challenges, the African Development Bank is championing the Africa Investment Forum as a platform to actively engage the and to facilitate projects that have the capacity to transform the continent. is designed to enhance private-sector cooperation and drive investment in sectors of strategic interest within Africa.

If you are you have some business ideas, or you have some funds available you are using now, it’s may a perfect time for you to make on African potential business opportunities and ventures capital deals, in the old continent. “This is not a talk shop. There will be no political speeches but networking building mastermind alliance group and funding deals.

The provides an open platform to organize efforts among multilateral institutions, governments, and to improve a pipeline of projects capable of transforming the continent”, said , President of the African Development Bank. President Adesina will officially launch the Africa Investment Forum at the in , . He will be joined by some Bank Executives, the Premier of the Province, , and the .

The AIF will harmonize processes among the Bank and its partners, reduce intermediation costs, improve quality of project information and documentation, and increase action-oriented engagements between African Governments and the .

I already book my ticket see you at Johannesburg to do not miss this opportunity, I hope you will be there because: ” Africa: The Continent Is ready, The First (AIF) is All Set For , ″.

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Disclaimer: Our blog is not affiliated or partner in this event, we are just a group of individuals who are looking for business opportunities that we find valuable in the First . We have to let you know that investment is a well-calculated decision with some eventual risk of losing your money on it. Please do not contact us for advice or to require information about the event but you go instead in the official webpage of the forum to read more.