Africa Continent Will Dominate The Internet Market Soon! If not a dream but an evolution process of crafting a new way for searching for African destinations on the Internet? The African continent is so big and so complex with so many dialects and languages that the Google algorithm is not able yet to create a local upstart search engine unique webpage for Africa on their platform. Nevertheless, Google does realize that much African nation already embraces shopping online in their social behavior and the Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Youtube and all these giants tech companies on Silicone Valley are losing money because of a lack of penetration of this market. 

To solve this problem Google is looking for common ground to avoid a proliferation of local search engine startup created by African entrepreneurs to publish web directories from their countries and with customizing classified ads for the local marketing marketplace.  

For the moment the best option in the market is to use Google local search with their LTD that already for most African nations already have for the time being. But Africa is wealthy not only in fossil energy, diamonds mines, wild nature for animal and vegetal exploration or safari for rich occidental visitors.

African Ultimate Statistic

Internet Users in Africa / Internet Users By Region in The world  / World Statistics Page

Or most like what the western people see on television where NGO’s and mainstream media, prostitute the true images of the African countries to broadcast only scenes of poverty, natural disaster, military conflicts and dictators punishing their own population. 

The continent is wealthy in human resources, a new generation of determining entrepreneurs, visionaries who want to the redraw the line of progress of Africa by facing the challenges and offer solutions for the problems are facing this region and the African population is really young, with big dream and very knowledgeable in computer, smart devices, and all technology gear.

Some country as Rwanda is becoming the African Silicone Valey, Ethiopia is definitely the e-commerce boom manufacturing product clothes for the western companies but this country has developed a culture entrepreneurial leadership to dominate the Fashion industry and become high-class brand-name products selling online. On top of the Ethiopian domination of Running Marathon now people known this country for the hedge fund and Mutal Fund, venture capital, risk taker that result in this country have created more business people became millionaires in less than a decade. 

Internet and high technology already established for the last  20 years and spreading his wings in the high-tech entrepreneurship in many competitive nations fighting for excellence as Kenya, Mauritius, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Ouganda, Angola, Botswana, Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Senegal, and South Africa for the top high-tech education with the most prestigious universities that delivred tech-engineers, and business people, bankers, entrepreneurs, graduates every year.

Now with the Chinese in present Africa, working as contractors for the tech industry, with some young graduate from India, Pakistan, and others country in the middle east now prefer now migrate in some African country to postulate for a job in the African emerging tech industry. 

Google now wants to put millions in their African expansion project their wants to buy all the start software start-up in Africa to put them under their financial umbrella. It maybe too late for all those America giants tech companies. 

The last online video conference forum I had to take part in African technology expansion project, before the end of 2018 the world will discover, and united African search engine platform, The African Youtube Equivalent Streaming Video Platform, and 10 social media platform to dominate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.


: A searchable directory of East African sites.East Africa:


  • GoBATLA: Business directory started in 2006.


  • CamOnNet: Directory w/ directory search. Started in 2003.


  • Small user-submitted search engine indexing 93 sites and 14,000 links.


  • Yahoonoo: Easily searches .et domains.


  • GhPortal: Searches a limited number of Ghanaian sites.
  • Goallet: Basically a targeted Google-style search script.


  • ikenya: A searchable portal started in 2001.
  • irozho: Similar to Ghana’s Goallet, this search uses a generic script.



  • Searches an index of 2,299 Namibian sites.
  • Search a user-submitted directory


  • VConnect: VConnect is the largest local search engine in Nigeria. More than 300,0000 business are listed on VConnect.
  • Finelib: Business directory and search engine showcasing Nigeria information.
  • Naijoo: Utilizes a custom Google search.
  • Naija Search: Nigerian directory search started in 2007.
  • Search Nigeria: A new Nigerian search engine based on a standard script. This site indexes based on the word “nigeria”.


  • Bongoza: Still in beta, this search engine accesses “84,414+ webpages in East Africa”.
  • Search Tanzania: A directory indexing 1,500+ sites.
  • Tanserve: Another Tanzanian web directory which uses an internal custom Google search.


  • myUganda: A Ugandan web portal started in 1996.

South Africa:

  • Search ZA: Search the directory with an option to include only .za domains.
  • Ananzi: South African web directory.
  • Aardvark: A newer search engine that utilizes a Google custom search.

Africa in general: WoYaa: Once considered the default African web directory/search, this site now seems very outdated and not targeted enough.