Join Accent Resources Take Over CNX & Hess Assets - for $400 . independent producers CNX Resources Corp.& Hess Corp. announced morning its previously announced deal substantially all its joint assets for roughly $400 cash. Ascent Resources  benefits  joint for $400 .

Ascent Resources—Utica, a founded Chesapeake Energy -founder Aubrey McClendon a leading private exploration production focused acquiring, exploring for, developing, producing operating gas and oil properties Utica Shale. capitalized with equity investments various private equity sponsors, led funds managed The Energy & Minerals Group and First Reserve.

The sale previously announced late finally on 31, 2018, the release. deal divestiture includes 50 net producing wells with average net revenue interest (NRI) 48%; five 50% working ; 50% working and approximately 26,000 net undeveloped acres.

CNX, the release, expects the proceeds the sale be used down , the ongoing repurchase , invest in drilling and completion to bolt-on acreage acquisitions as opportunities become .

“The transaction is immediately accretive and brings forward the assets were outranked other in CNX’s opportunity ,” Nicholas J. Deluliis, CNX president and CEO.