About us!

About us means so much likewise let’s start by answering for you: Who is behind www.ernstgeorges.com?  / What is our Mission?  / What we stand for and much more?

Our Mission!

www.ernstgeorges.com is freelancing blog initiative developing by the people for the people. That’s mean this is a free speech evaluative created by a group of freelancer, creators, publishers and underground writers to their voice and create a strong presence online.

Who owns this platform?

However, www.ernstgeorges.com does not belong to any powerful individual or entity. It’s also not either attach to a particular, group or following a specific ideology.

Because, our is a freelancing contributive open source online outlet running as an online community of observers, reporters, narrators, reporters, creators, writers and who are using a common platform to their work and make their voice and their name.

Our Values!

Meanwhile, as an online freelancing open source news contributive community. Our platform sharing, love, respect from and other. Our standard is promoting freedom of speech.

As a result, on this platform messages of hate message, containing inflammatory substances, including bias news, prejudice, partiality, partisanship, favoritism, unfairness, -sidedness, bigotry, intolerance, racism, racialism, sexism, heterosexism, homophobia, chauvinism, antisemitism, discrimination, xenophobia, and gender or social inequality are totally prohibiting.

Sharing values by www.ernstgeorges.com
Working together by having fun!

Who is our getting our audience!

in mind that this is a platform creates by the people and for the people, regardless of your gender, ethnicity, religion, you are welcome here.

As this platform is an empathic online news open source community evolutive project. Nevertheless, this platform serves and please everyone at the same time. That’s why on this platform controversy, the divergence of ideas and pluralism are broadly welcome.

Does every benefits the same right on this platform!

Everyone as the same privilege to to any content on this news platform, clarifying a point or counter-attack on a particular of information published by us that may miss characterizing their point of view or the their as an individual, a group or organization.

Who produces contents on this platform!

We are exclusively empathetic, to bloggers, reporters, observers, writers, digital creator, WordPress developers, SEO specialist, online marketer, data scientist, photographer, and videographer.

in mind that, www.ernstgeorges.com is a powerful evolutive and a tool for freelancers. Because our online community represents a strong and accountable presence with a mass amount of visitors daily.

What else this platform stand for!

Our platform also stands for freedom and personal growth because is giving to our contributors a maximum exposure for their work and their creation for free. More than that as an open source online news community because www.ernstgeorges.com inform and entertain without guilt.

What you can expect from us?

Because our freelancing open source news blogging platform shares what the public need to know to live their best lives. Our is caring for our audience because, if something matters for them, it’s become automatically matters to us as well.

When who founded this plat for and when?

As everyone already knows, www.ernstgeorges.com is the original freelancing open source informative, entertainment blogging platform, a kind of atypical news outlet, founded by a freelance blogger name’s: Ernst on April 9th, 2015.

Ever since, this platform is operating by a group of freelancers, volunteers, contributors, and observers. Today our platform a tiny workspace room with a limited edition crew members.

ernst georges is Freelancers open source platform news community of volunteers
open source platform news community of volunteers

Our goal for the future!

Our goal is to become a global alternative freelancing online news outlet in the next 10 years. Owning our headquarter building, with professional workspace rooms and more. We also want to be present in a minimum 20 countries all over the world and publishing and tell in text, video, audio and pictures in 50 languages. Hopefully, we will soon be becoming the world wild open source news incubator.

What we expect from you? 

As a freelancing community online news platform, www.ernstgeorges.com believes with your as contributors, observers, writers, and readers.

We will grow and become stronger together. Because it is important for us to bring to our audiences wherever are the local, nationwide or international the top quality content for them to their personal interest, in their proper language.

Who we are?

We’re a revolution growing open source platform news community, we want you to grow fast with us. Just by being an inclusive member in our online contributive news community that’s why we’ll always make sure you know what’s news online media be

What is The Last Word!

To finish let me remind you that: www.ernstgeorges.com is a freelancing blog initiative, is an online news community developing by the people for the people.

Co-Founder & Public Relations Manager


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