and Travelers our Today’s destination you ’s  Botswana an amazing and wonderful treasure country you must visit, I will review you the 7 reasons you should visit Botswana.

When you a person like me who like to travel, and consider yourself as constant pursue the of travel all over the world this article will be helpful you.  Either you are traveling purpose, for entertainment,  for ,  for vacation, , for your honeymoon or any other reasons. You should add Botswana to your destination list to travel for those following reasons:

# 1: Political Stability

Botswana, of Africa’s most stable countries, is the continent’s longest continuous multi-party democracy. is relatively free of corruption and has a good human rights record. Sparsely populated, Botswana protects some of Africa’s largest areas of wilderness. Safari- – tightly-controlled and often upmarket – is an important source of income.

# 2: Tourism Friendly

Botswana is tourism friendly destination according to Trip Adviser 46633 tourism wrote some wonderful positive reviews about the country, the hotels quality,  the vacation rentals facilities, how easy to book a flight for this destination and some different things to do when you get such as go restaurant participate in outdoor attraction. You can find about Botswana hospitality for tourism on many online traveling or tourism forum on the Internet

# 3: Quality and Price match 

In 2017, Botswana travel and tourism industry grow up to 11.6%, and the country attracted 1,797,000 international tourists according to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) 2017 report.  That’s Botswana is more than 2,100 5 stars hotel rooms with 3,720 beds and a 53% occupancy rate. 149,750 visitors arrived in Botswana . Botswana also attract regional tourism with more than 720,000 visitors a year from other African countries. The average daily of staying in Gaborone to be $129, compared to Kasane at $125. may be as low as $50 in other regions of the countryBotswana is considered the safest country to visit in Africa.

# 4: Easy to Access

Botswana is a wild and immense territory of  224,607 sq miles or 581,730 sq km area. Geographically Botswana landlocked country situated in the southern the African continent. This destination is easy to access all around by visitors from all over the place because Botswana shares borders with South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. So whenever you visit Botswana you can eventually in a organize bus tour visit different other countries for couple hours of an entire day any way you multiple options. If you choose to take the you 4 International modern airports available for you: Botswana Sir Seretse Khama Airport, Maun Airport, Kasane Airport, Francistown Airport. You can also take a cheap helicopter ride from any surrounding country to Botswana easily.

# 5: Outdoor attraction

Botswana is for having some of the best wilderness and wildlife areas in Africa. An estimated 38 percent of the country’s area is mostly dedicated to national , resorts and game reserves. You will get lasting impressions of vast expanses of unpopulated wilderness stretching from horizon to horizon, and the sensation of enormous space with popular tourist attractions.  To mention a few main tourist attractions to Botswana you can visit national ,  Namibia, wildlife nature conservation area, river, desert, 3500 rock paintings in the face of a mountain, safari camp, public camping sites, private lodges.

# 6: Food and Restauration

Botswana offers the traveller a choice of accommodation options from a of cuisines are served in hotels and restaurants from local favourites and game meat, to continental and Asian dishes. are also plenty of fast food outlets and small restaurants/takeaways local dishes. For the full collection of accommodation sources, you can browse at Tourism in Botswana – Africa Tourism Web Portal.

# 7: Tourist information

The Botswana government’s National Conservation Strategy and Tourism Policy was created to promote tourism while protecting wildlife areas. So they apply a policy to make all visitors feel Botswana as they second . That’s why Citizens from United States of America, South Africa, British Commonwealth countries, and most Western European countries do not any visas for stays of less than 91 days in Botswana. Passports are required for travel in the country. Proof of yellow fever and cholera immunizations are required of tourists from infected areas.

If you are planning to travel for your next vacation or trip you should consider to Botswana as your next destination. The World Forum report on Travel and Tourism Global Competitiveness ranked Botswana 88 out of 141 countries since 2015.  Ever since Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index. is continue to grow for this destination ’s time for you to pack your luggage jump in a take a visit to Botswana before starts skyrocketing in the near future.