The 20’s Trends & Data you must know in May 2019. Are really crucial for your growth as a member of the online user’s citizen community.

No matter what you are doing or the field that you are operating your day to day activities. Because the is our basic commodity to survive in 21st Century.

For that reason, you must know the 20’s Trends & Data for May 2019 to succeed individually, globally and financially by using Internet services worldwide.

Because, if you are living on planet nowadays, you are on a basis dependable of Internet access, Internet Data, Internet Trends, Internet to be able to survive in world.


Despite, what the Internet is representing for humankind in modern society, what food, learning, reading, writing and believe used to be for individuals in the past.

However, mobility accessibility to access to some key data throughout the Internet is the new Eldorado of this 21st Century.

Because the job is now looking for people who are Internet true savvy to hire instead of classical trade field graduates or specialists we already know in the past.

By all means, If you are not data scientist, , Internet Influencer, Data Analyst Specialist, game you are in the game.

As well if you know what I am talking the of people who are maybe a content , a javascript coder, App developer, a webmaster or Internet Developer.

You may be Intelligence artificial and robotic engineer or a Smart Internet user and so on.

If you are in this category may you will have any difficulty to find a job and creating a business in the marketplace today.

The reason is pretty simple, the Internet as a tool is becoming in the last 20 years younger and younger.

When we consider the citizen of today is representing by millennials children’s.


Which are people who were  born from the year of 2000 to the present day usually known as: “ the New Silent Generation or Generation Z”

This group, are using smartphone and tablets since there were toddlers, which means these people are and the Internet and WiFi dependable addicted and super smart human being.

As well, this group as convert themselves to and convert themselves to online shopping as their social religions.

I am talking men and women, youngsters and children who educating at themselves Youtube , with a do yourself the state of mind and their most common teacher and mentor are Wikipedia, blog, vlog, and podcast.

Beyond all that we got a new upcoming generation who wants more mobility and automation.

This group are looking, to have everything running on autopilot, plus fly cars, Jetpack on their back, and put artificial intelligence working for them as their slaves.

How you would be able to live in the next five years if you do not to understand how Internet Trends & Statistics Data work effectively.

Hopefully, they are some Internet Geek, who works every day you crack the barrier of unknown to provide you some credible unique Internet Trends & Statistics Data.

Their mission is you grow economically and develop your business faster as you will able to learn the new dynamic of the social economic era we are living today.

Without waiting for one second let me past you the 20’s Internet Trends & Statistics Data you must know in May 2019.

Some of our data sources are provided to us by VPN Geek a website I suggest you take a look at any time you can, you will love .

Number 1: – 56.1% of the World have Internet Access that’s mean 3.2 billion of 7.71 billion people worldwide have internet access.

Which mean that 81% of people living actually developed country in the world is now online connected constantly.

Number 2: 55% of the Contents published online are in English. However, the data also only a tiny of just 27% of internet users speak English.

, 28% must be using the internet and accessing English content as a foreign language.

Number 3: Frome today more than 4+ billion of people who constitute the global Internet users.

Meanwhile, this group is either writing or broadcasting live internet contents. I am talking a number of 4,197, 825, 944 global internet users online per minute doing these activities.

The numbers are growing every hour so far. in mind these Internet users access on the web from different per day from a smartphone, gaming console, tablet, PC, Smart TV, and much more.

Number 4: in mind that 1st billion Internet users according to some has already access to the web 2005.

Guess what this number as just explode in term of expansion because some statistics have reported already 2 billion global internet users in 2010 and 3 billion in 2014.

Meanwhile, these numbers are increasing more and more, because May 2019 there are 4,383,810,342 users members of the global Internet village in the world.

Number 5: China has 829,000,000 Internet Users browsing online minimum. Nonetheless, of this huge number in mind just only 58.4% of the Chinese population has access to the web.

Meanwhile, the percentage of the online penetration among of the Chinese gains abruptly a ratio of 15 million new Internet users per year so far.

Number 6: Hong Kong for the year of 2018 had accumulated 6,461,894 Internet user in his national Internet users .

In comparison with the mainland China Hong Kong has a far more internet penetration quota by population estimate as 86.3%.

However, China mainland has only represented 0.1% of Facebook users, despite a number 69.4% of Hong Kong citizens are using Facebook on a basis.

Number 7: The number of Internet users per second is rating 11 new person joining the global on the web.

This number is growing day by day world widely exponentially, with more and more Internet users accessing the web on their .

By all means, some scientist is worrying by even predicting that the speeding Internet growing thing can become in the future a gigantesque flux of data, contents, and users that could so sophisticate that it will be impossible to monitoring.

But by the time been so far 1 million new Internet users per day are joining the web and making the Internet Global Village estimate at 366 million new internet users each year.

Number 8: India is the faster-growing Internet users because this country has gained 100 million internet new users during the past 12 months.

Which mean In March 2019 almost half of the population have Internet access.

However, to be more precise 40.9% of India has internet access, with a growth rate of 10% new users this year.

Compared to last year which put India with an average of 560,000,000 Internet users online.

Number 9: Vietnam has 97% of his population a or Smartphone which is pretty significant.

That’s mean in the emerging world, Vietnam comes up to the top when in term of phone ownership.

Keep in mind on the 3% remaining, there is 1 % of the people who have access to a shared Mobile Or Smartphone phone.

Nonetheless, just a tiny of 2% of the Vietnamese population really don’t have access to a mobile phone this a very impressive Internet nation.

Number 10: 2019 has beaten the record number of 3.48 billion users world worldwide. With a quota of 3.26 billion people in the world use services on mobile platform.

Number 11: The future of Internet business development is Asia because 50.4% of Internet Users are from Asia. However, this number is keeping growing daily by millions.

To understand what Asia represents in term of on the Internet marketplace by the number of users.

By all means imagine if one day people from Asia decide exclusively, by using some Asian e-commerce platform only to shopping, will bankrupt in less than a year.

Number 12: Bangladesh with a population of 168,065,920 people grow from 100,000 Internet users in the year of 2000 to 92,061,000 of new Internet users connected online. This rate growth represents a 54.8 % gain.

Keep in mind Bangladesh has country has 28,000,000 Facebook users browsing on the web every day.

, this number includes and Internet Growth 91,961 % for the past 20 years, Bangladesh has seen almost 100 thousand percent increase in internet users.

Because of this factor, Bangladesh is the largest increase in an Internet success story in the world.

This statistic numbers, frankly illustrating how some small countries in the world are using Internet boom to become an online most developing country.

Moreover, there is still room for growth, because only 54.8% of the population being online Bangladesh have access to the Internet.

For the same period, 2000-2019, Bangladesh is following Nigeria a country accumulating a 55,716 % increase growth on In internet users.

Number 13: Today 89% of the developing countries in the world Mobile phone.

Following some specific case study such as 68% Venezuelan population a mobile phone which is the lower growth number.

Because 97% of people in Vietnam have a mobile or a smartphone which is the high number.

By all means, is really surprised us to figure out that India who represent 143,260,000 Internet users with an Internet growth penetration of 53.2 %.

That’s mean this country only occupy 6.5 % of Asian Internet users with 130,000,000 Facebook users online every day as a quite low down number of 70% of the population owning a mobile phone.

Do not for also that 6% of the population in most developing countries in the world on average can’t afford the privilege to buy and use a mobile or a smartphone phone

Number 14: Internet as a already turns 30 years old this year. But it’s very interesting to notice that the world wide web has reinvented himself by applying a wonderful evolution considerably over the past 30 years.

Meanwhile, people of my age can remember the slow and expensive Internet by dial-up in the year of ’80s and 90’s when it used to take 5 minutes to open a boring Internet page with no images whatsoever.

Because owning a computer was expensive, Internet access was slow and very limited back in the day It took 16 years to the first billion Internet users in the world.

Since technology has developed so fast with the Internet 2.0 to the Internet of things with fast Internet services on a massive infrastructure of optic fiber, Satellite and WiFi Internet data freeway.

Nonetheless, the millennial and the Z generations, in 14 years as triple the Internet users population generation made it rich a 4,383,810,342 Internet users in the world.

Which reality represent only 56.8 % of the world population, by an Internet penetration growth scalable of 1,114 % in less than 15 years.

Because, of what we seeing in the world today by the importance of Internet services, just imagine a world with a 100.0 % Internet penetration and a 100% of the world population browsing online every day.

Number 15: Internet and time consuming is a killing machine that increasing among the less fortunate by made them become less effective and consuming more by shopping online.

Keep in mind that people spend an average of 6 hrs 42 browsing on the web per day most likely doing nothing serious, watching videos, going live, posting on social media, watching pornography and buying craps and begging for likes.

In the other , the Internet is increasingly developing the using practice for all forms of communication.

From sharing information, learning and educate ourselves online, connect with friends and relatives without boundaries, working in different places without difficulties and building wealth by selling online.

Bottom line people turn to their phone for a lot of hours per day either for a good cause or a bad one, essential is everything is happening online.

organizing crimes, narcotic traffic, human traffic, child pornography, sex traffic, terrorism radicalization, scamming, bank fraud, online prostitution, political movement, social activism, self broadcasting, dating, mass shooting live streaming, Election manipulation much and more.

Keep in mind Internet can become also a very effective tool for warfare, we may call it in the future the most effective weapon for warfare with the usage drone, robots and artificial intelligence as killing machine instead of using military troops operate human.

Number 16: Internet becoming the social addiction drugs and alcohol way behind.

Because an average significant number of Americans people check-out their smartphone more than times per day.

You can call it by the term you want by thinking that is cool stuff. Meanwhile, the true reality is pretty scary.

Because there is no doubt it people have become inseparable from their smartphones.

The youngsters are just addicted to WiFi and gaming, keep in mind that the checks per day roughly number for estimated some limited internet users.

However we do not have the data gaming console, and other things connected online such as cars, smart tv, smartwatch, , smart houses, cooking pot, online doorbell, monitoring a baby or a friendly pet on the web at home.

, people are so addicted to the Internet that Internet access is the most important for a to book a hotel room.

Do you why? Because Internet users are so addicted to their even online 24 hours during their vacation time in the .

98% of Internet users can’t put their phone their phones down. For 30 minutes even when they are on vacation.

Keep in mind Americans people use their phones up to 80+ times per day on a vacation .

Number 17: 2019 is the year of 1.2 Billion online users connected per minutes on the Internet. By all means, if we add up the average time spent by Internet users on the web which is (6 hrs and 42 mins per day).

If we multiply this figure by the number of internet users around the globe, then you can a clear picture of the of time-wasting online by people.

For 2019 only so far Internet users estimate time is an equivalence of over a billion years of creativity wasting online, chatting, posting on social media, stream and watching the online video by consuming crap and doing nothing serious.

Do want to know who gets the money from those people who are wasting their time online? I will tell you who they are because you knew them already.

They are Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Baidu, Netflix, Amazon,, Walmart, Zmangay, Wish, Shopify, eBay, Paypal, Caver, Spotify, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discovery, Att, Disney, Spectrum, Verizon, T-Mobile, Comcast, Cisco, Samsung, Appel, Huwey, Alibaba, Ali group, Hulu, Curiosity Stream, Giai, Vudu and more are the most visited websites and telecom companies.

Do you who the bill to make these companies rich I mean super rich the Internet Users you and I include in this consumers group so far.

Number 18: The faster Internet from an emergent country is not the United States of by a country named Singapore. The average Internet for this country is 195 Mbps. With a mobile download speed of 55.50Mbps doubly faster than the rest of the world.

As Internet users are spending a significant of time online, the speed is very important that will allow people to maximize their online time spending, by the benefit of faster internet access.

As the world is experiencing new Internet users per the second day after day non-stop. There is a need for more faster Internet services with more channels, more bandwidth with more security.

So far Singapore is leading the Internet speed by owning the first 5G Network in the world the United States, United Kingdom, China, Canada and the whole silicon valley behind.

Number 19: The global Smartphone and Mobile devices Download Speed race is estimated today at 25.27Mbps on average in all worldwide mobile networks combined.

Norway is leading currently by owning the fastest mobile internet at 67.34Mbps download speed Internet platform. Beating by the far United States of with a speed of 24 Mbps faster than the average of mobile network in the US.

The only thing on the technical of the Internet United States succeed this country own the fastest broadband access list to global average upload speed online by a number of 10.05Mbps

Number 20: The 20th trend online Internet Trends & Statistics Data You Must Know for May 2019 is you. Yes, I am talking about yourself what are doing online are you a consumer or a .

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