MTN Network Security . Why this company constantly has deal notorious hackers trying steal free data from them? The reason is there are looking for free .

Because according various cybersecurity researcher group report. There is vulnerability backdoor the MTN network. Allows experienced hackers get free data using DNS tunneling hacking .

that the Domain Name System (DNS) is group servers on the Internet. enable the humanly readable . Such example into we call Internet Protocol addresses.

Tunneling hacking skills refer to intelligent practice for hacker routing network traffic. Over a port or a  protocol, does not over.

This practice tunneling hacking is somehow legal a level. Because this the exact Virtual Private , VPN services do to secure data limited Internet .

How does the DNS tunneling work?

The DNS tunneling is someone encrypted a network the protocol used for DNS. , this is not an . This type of operation orchestrated by hackers. Individuals who want to bypass controls put place to safeguard a network.

According to some specialist. is technically to get free data using DNS tunneling on the MTN network. The specialist continues said eventually will not be a remarkably fast connection because of the limitation of the DNS protocol.

Nevertheless, Internet security analyst has noticed that connections to MTN’s DNS servers reset often. It’s a move without any doubt”, put a countermeasure to interrupting persistent connections, on the network.

Nonetheless, there is another to MTN’s root DNS servers even if no airtime or data, the researcher added.

Besides the existant vulnerability presented by DNS tunneling, the cybersecurity specialist does other issues the captive portal that is displayed run out of data airtime.
Crucially, the page does not a security certificate all. The reason for is the IP of the MTN No Funds domain ( is equally associating several other MTN .

This bridge in the network could exploited by phishing scams with low Hacking skill .

Why MTN is constantly resisting under constantly?
It’s is important to know that “DNS tunneling is just one of of cyber attacks that operators on a constant basis,” executive for affairs MTN Jacqui O’Sullivan said in an interview

“MTN is constantly monitoring any potential security attacks or bypass mechanisms, and has built-in protocols to manage such attacks.”

O’Sullivan said MTN aware of the exploit identified by the researcher, the example they provided in their report the vulnerabilities they discovered. “In instances measures we’re putting in place to limit MTN’s ,” O’Sullivan said.

“MTN proactively manages this environment and because the attempted attacks are constantly changing, we on identifying the abuse and implementing the necessary controls.”