Creating a Profile That Connects

You’re likely already using media as a part of your strategy. If you get a lot of traffic to your and don’t get a lot of on social media, then profile may be turning away. Social media business profiles that connect with customers more likely to in high-converting traffic to your website.

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Make That You Use the Right Name

The , and of the most , factors of your social media business profile is the name of your social media account. If you’re developing a personal brand, you should stick with your name. This is especially true if you use your name for all promotional purposes. 

For with a specific business name, make sure that your social media account matches. Basically, whether you’re developing a personal brand or a business identity, the name should match your website and your promotional material. should not have trouble searching for your profile.

Choosing the Best Profile Pic

you choose the right name, you need to choose the best profile pic. Again, ’s a difference between for the personal brand and business brands. For a personal brand, such as an internet guru or a blogger, you’ll want to use a picture of yourself. 

Businesses should use the same logo that use for all other promotional material. You’re probably noticing a pattern here. The is to make things consistent on your website and social media profiles. 

Along with remaining consistent between your website and social media account, you also need to use the same name, profile pic, and other details across all networks. This means using the same info on , Twitter, , and any other that you use.  

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Be Clear and Direct with Your Bio 

After looking at your profile pic, a visitor may check out your bio. They shouldn’t have any trouble determining it is that you sell, after reading your bio. So, keep your bio clear and direct. It should be and to the point.

Describe your business or website in a single sentence. Don’t worry about making a sales pitch in your bio. Instead, focus on the actual of what you do.

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Use a Background Image That Matches Your Image

The background image that you choose for your profile should match the overall image that you’re promoting. In , the background image can be more important than the profile picture. A poorly created background unprofessional, limiting your ability to connect with customers.

If your background appears pixelated or hard to read, you need a new background image. You hire a graphic design freelancer to a background for you or take the to create a clear, to read background yourself.

When you make your own background, uses a vector editing program or make sure that your image matches the exact dimensions recommended by network. These recommendations are different for every network.

Keep in mind that the sizes of backgrounds and other details can change. Twitter and Facebook have updated the layout of profile several times in the past few . Make sure that you remain up to date as these changes occur.

Choosing the right name and using a professional profile pic and background can go a helping you connect with customers. You should also interact with your followers. Respond to questions and comments and encourage a discussion in your posts by ending a post with a question.

Start improving your social media business profiles. Connect with your customers and sales. If you want more marketing suggestions and a way to generate conversion-ready prospects , then here and learn more about me. 

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