3 Easy Tools To Build Highly Effective Landing Pages!

effective landing pages is the first step in setting up your sales funnel. Once you produce high-quality designs that , you are ready to take the next step in setting up your Internet marketing business platform.

Get the Facts

How important are landing pages to sales funnels? Consider statistics:

  • 68% of Business-to-Business (B2B) companies use landing pages to generate sales leads
  • A business that has between 31 to 40 landing pages attract 700% more leads than businesses that have 1 to 5 landing pages.
  • Businesses that have more than 40 different landing pages attract 1,200% more leads than those 1 to 5 landing pages.

Always Be Landing

Keep in mind that every web page is essentially a landing page. Your web pages are the core of your sales funnel. So when you are building your online business, you need to consider using the following and in order to get the results you want.

Of course, you could just strike out on your own and do it all yourself, using trial and error and trying to push your way up the learning curve. But that is going to take you two to five times longer. And then when you figure out that what you are doing isn’t working, you may have more flexibility, but you will also have less agility than your competitors.

Or you use existing that will do the job for you the effort, stress or worry. Plus, create your , high-converting landing pages much faster than you probably could do on your own.

Tools for Creating Landing Pages

There are many different and other you can use that will automatically create landing pages for you. Some are while others are .

Here is a list of three of the best ones.


This page builder comes a free trial offer. After that, it about $14/, depending what you want to use it for.

is extremely user-friendly and . It also built-in A/B testing. Plus, it can integrate our website domain. Plus it has a plug-in, is very if you are using this open source site to your web pages.


has a large selection of pre-made, high-converting templates that you can start using right away. This comes at the cost of not having as much control over the design of your pages. But if convert and make you money, cares?!

Another benefit is that allows you to roll out landing pages very quickly. You just plug in your copy and go. , also uses a plug-in. Bonus!


Here you will find - funnel and landing page design . Petovera produces high-quality landing pages rather than pre-made templates.

You tell them what you want and will tailor your pages for you based on your objectives and brand message. have an - of can all of your content creation.

Obviously, you have to pay dearly for this . But if you have more capital than time, it’s often a .

Finding the best tools to help your online business make money is vital to your success. If you’d to have access to even more powerful marketing , as well as a way to generate -ready Internet marketing prospects each , click here to learn more.

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